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0.80     (2002-08-28)

    - colorer support (syntax highlight for more than 100 formats)
    - easy to install colorer package (downloadable optionally)
    - UTF-8 support (auto-detect, load, save)
    - search&replace functionality
    - actually not usable menu items get disabled
    - dynamic listing of the graphical styles in the menu
    - quick help option in the preferences window
    - not forgetting the preferences window's state
    - configurable line number area, cursor position display
    - many-many bugfixes and small improvements

0.72     (2002-01-26)
    - editor: ./configure now can use qt-mt libraries too
    - editor: fixing syntax errors reported by G++ 3.2
    - editor: some of the QT code ported to use STL instead

0.70     (2002-11-18)
    - config: new preferences window; now easy to configure freddy!
    - buffer: support for X11's "selection clipboard" too
    - buffer: finally fixed the cute "tabulator in a comment" bug
    - buffer: signing modified files' names with an "*"
    - buffer: intellihome - home goes to the real start of the line
    - editor: "save" acts as "saveas" on Unnamed files
    - editor: creation of the non-existing files (from the cmd line)
    - doc: now using build numbers; see changelog.builds
    - module: rewrote module interface to support Windows
    - module: console - new features (e.g "status ball")
    - editor: i18n - added the hungarian translation to the pack
    - editor: added an about window (" about" command)
    - editor: target directories are configurable via configure
    - editor: many-many bugfixes

0.60     (2002-05-31)
0.60pre1     (2002-05-01)
    - editor: horizontal scrollbars are finally working
    - editor: command line switches, loading into a running instance
    - buffer: tabbar - pixmaps, tooltips, and they are draggable!!
    - editor: configuration window (Edit/Preferences)
    - doc: internationalization - hungarian translation
    - buffer: better find utility
    - bugs: bugfixes (syntax highlight, mouseclick etc)

0.55     (2002-01-07)
    - modules: new module 'console' to develop programs much more easily
    - modules: 'console' can jump into errors, it is configurable and great
    - buffer: syntax highlighting is enabled only on supported types (C/C++)
    - bugs: eliminated debian package bugs reported by lintian
    - editor: support to use multiple modules

0.50     (2001-11-19)
    - editor: it works under Windows!!! (using noncommercial QT-2.3.0)
    - selection: it is possible to select with the mouse
    - config: saving/loading actual position in each buffer
    - editor: load files using the command prompt
    - editor: multiple file load from the file open dialog
    - bugs: optimizatons and fixes (scrollbar bugs)

0.40     (2001-10-04)
    - editor: ported under QT 3.0.0!
    - editor: reorganized to use autoconfig
    - config: menu and shortcuts are configurable now
    - config: much better support to configure for the first time
    - buffer: drag'n'drop tabs (if Trolltech applies my patch)

0.30     (2001-08-23)
    - session management: You can now use sessions to separate files!
    - shortcuts: customizable shortcuts (first version)
    - save state: it saves the state when program exits
    - checkfile: if the file is changed it prompt user about reloading it
    - bugs: much of them is fixed!

0.23     (2001-07-09)
    - selection: indents in and indents out a whole selection
    - buffer: automatically indents next line
    - line numbers: they have a better, separated display widget now
    - module: module support is a bit better
    - module/etags: the first module with a new tool called 'mapbar'

0.20     (2001-05-17)
    - package: .deb, .rpm packages. Everybody can install Freddy now!
    - module: Added module support, it will be useful in the future
    - program: Much optimisations&bugfixes. Freddy is much faster now
    - File/New, File/Save as...: They work now

0.14     (2001-03-26)
    - buffer: Optimized text scrolling. It is much-much faster now!
    - buffer: Support for various tabulator sizes (
    - File/Open: Bugfix. Detects if the selected file is now opened
    - File/Open: The default directory is now the actual file's directory
    - File/Close: User can now close files (Bug remained with 1 file!)
    - File/Save: Bugfix. Verifies if there is at least one opened file