Freddy at SourceForge



1. What is this?

Freddy is an ascii text editor. It is primarly a programmer editor, but it will be strong with other types of text.

2. Why do we need it? There are so many other editors...

I don't know if you need this editor. But I would miss it, if it didn't exist. Emacs is uncomfortable for me because of his thougness. I can't go where I want, cursor must be before the end of line. I can't type anything when I want to search, only just strings that can be found in the text.
What else are there? NEdit is my favourite on Linux and UltraEdit on Windows. But NEdit doesn't supports tab-based multi buffer editing, tags and some other things. UltraEdit is good, but some functions isn't implemented in it (e.g tags). And all of those don't know the special features (i will sign it with a '!' sign) what I have invented, and never seen in other editors.
And the most important thing: they doesn't support 'free navigating' on the file, which I like very much. I've seen it only in one editor, which is my secret favourite program. For that I can say that

3. Freddy is like a reincarnation of DOS Navigator's editor

Yes, I liked that very much. And it was comfortable to me using it. But it is an old program and I like the "modern tools" like tab bars, progressive search, and etags. That's because I decided to write my own editor. Its name is Freddy and I think it will be smart and useful thing.

4. What can you do?

This editor is in a pre-alpha state, so it is limited in many ways, and it knows many things badly. So be patient! If you're courious, please have a look at it! Download, and say 'make' at its 'src' directory.